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I’ve discovered this awesome positivity blog in which the artist creates cute animal doodles that come with encouraging words to cheer you up and inspire you, no matter how sad you may feel. Every drawing is absolutely adorable, and the words are so touching. I’m grateful I stumbled upon this blog by chance. <3

Thank you so much! very happy you like my blog. I love seeing these compilations. It’s so nice to see which doodles people connect with the most.

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I need these on my body

Fuck yea, these would be simply perfect for any occasion. May it be at a casual party and you wanna look classy as hell or you’re about to Assassinate the fuck out of some templars. Whichever, you’ll still be look’n good doin’ it so fuck yeah!

Arno, the classy-as-hell assassin.

I think it’s interesting that they have a female jacket when the developers of Assassins Creed can’t be bothered to animate a female character

so much,

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